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Q: What wallets do you recommend for Bitcoin (Lightning Network)?

A: For beginners, Phoenix Wallet or Wallet of Satoshi

Other suggestions: Breez Wallet or BLW

Other suggestions: ZAP Wallet or ZEUS

Q: What will happen if the transaction which sends the money to the exchange doesn't get confirmed in 40 minutes or if i don't send the money in 40 minutes?

A: After 40 minutes, the exchange rate goes floating and you will receive a different amount of money.

Q: The trade page says that my trade is stuck or i've send the money, but the trade page doesn't update. What can i do? What happened?

A: Please be patient. Open just 1 (ONE) feedback request with an email, trade id, transaction id, and eventually, the payment proof. Your case will be dealt in 1-7 days.

A: We might be having hardware issues, software issues, bugs in the daemon software or wallet software or not enough funds at that moment in the hot wallet.

Q: Can i use this service to pay bills or to send money to addresses that i don't control?

A: Do NOT use our website to send funds to addresses that you don't 100% control, such as exchangers, mixers, payment services or bills. We are not to blame if you lose funds. Back up your keys, wallet and recovery seed

Q: What wallets do you recommend for Monero?

A: Cake Wallet or Monerujo

Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount?

A: We try to keep the limits between 4$ and 3500$.

Q: Do you have an API?

A: Yes, but it's a work in progress. Only the API for rates is available right now.

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