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Q: What wallets do you recommend for Bitcoin (Lightning Network)?

A: For beginners, Phoenix Wallet or Wallet of Satoshi

Other suggestions: Breez Wallet or BLW

Other suggestions: ZAP Wallet or ZEUS

Q: What will happen if the transaction which sends the money to the exchange doesn't get confirmed in 40 minutes or if i don't send the money in 40 minutes?

A: After 40 minutes, the exchange rate goes floating and you will receive a different amount of money.

Q: The trade page says that my trade is stuck or i've send the money, but the trade page doesn't update. What can i do? What happened?

A: Please be patient. Open just 1 (ONE) feedback request with an email, trade id, transaction id, and eventually, the payment proof. Your case will be dealt in 1-7 days.

A: We might be having hardware issues, software issues, bugs in the daemon software or wallet software or not enough funds at that moment in the hot wallet.

Q: Can i use this service to pay bills or to send money to addresses that i don't control?

A: Do NOT use our website to send funds to addresses that you don't 100% control, such as exchangers, mixers, payment services or bills. We are not to blame if you lose funds. Back up your keys, wallet and recovery seed

Q: What wallets do you recommend for Monero?

A: Cake Wallet or Monerujo

Q: What is the minimum and maximum amount?

A: We try to keep the limits between 4$ and 3500$.

Q: What will happend if i undersend or oversend the amount?

A: Depending on market conditions, amount, target coin, destination coin, the new amount might be recalculated and the trade might complete, but do not count on in and send exact amount as required as soon as possible.

Q: Do you have an API?

A: Yes, but it's a work in progress. Only the API for rates is available right now.

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